Proven hunter stallion with a unique breeding combination of a Cor de la Bryere son out of a Capitol I mare

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

World class rider and trainer John French
  In 2010 John French piloted Crown Affair to multiple victories in the hunter arena. The well-known catch rider and trainer has great admiration for the stallion. “The combination of Crown Affair’s mind, athleticism and look make him one of the nicest hunters I’ve ridden.”

Equine reproductive expert, Dr. Lisa Metcalf
  Dr. Metcalf is unabashedly in love with Crown Affair. She owned and campaigned him in eventing under his original name, Challenge, shortly after he came to the States. By his calm demeanor and compact, handsome head, she recognized him as a Cor de la Bryere son the minute she laid eyes on him. She clearly recalls their first meeting. Several stallions were acting out over the arrival of mares at her Oregon breeding facility, but Crown was “quietly munching hay in the back of his stall.” During their first ride, she was enthralled by his long, floating strides and awed by his effortless jump.

  Since then, Metcalf has sent his highly viable semen across the country and kept tabs on many of his babies. The oldest of those is six now and they are succeeding in everything from the eventing and hunter disciplines as well as great companions. The veterinarian kept a few of his babies and they are on track to make their dad proud.

Oregon hunter/jumper trainer Shelley Campf
  Shelley Campf is an equally big fan. Crown’s track record in jumping, dressage and eventing is remarkable, she notes. “We look at hundreds of horses and very few of them stand out in my head. This one does.” His beautiful technique and movement, combined with his scope as a jumper, give his offspring ample career opportunities. In short, Shelley says, “He’s the perfect stallion for three disciplines.”

Accomplished amateur competitor and private stable owner Jeanette Gilbert
  Breeding to Crown was a no-brainer for horsewoman Jeanette Gilbert. The athletic abilities of his bloodlines first drew her interest and his temperament sealed the deal. “Temperament is a priority for me because I start my own horses and they live at my farm. On top of his bloodlines, what attracted me to Crown is that he’s a puppy dog on the ground. I want a horse that’s nice to be around.”

  Jeanette now has two from Crown Affair: Crown Caper, who earned his Premium status in 2008, and the 2010 foal Chasing Lions, who “has the best personality I’ve ever seen in a baby,” her happy owner reports. “She’s sweet and in-your-pocket, but not aggressive. She’s kind and brave and it’s clear she wants to be with you and do what you want her to.”

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

  Crown’s current owner Gail Morey was unaware of his Olympic-caliber breeding when she bought him in the spring of 2006. She’d simply been knocked out by his beauty and jumping style while competing against him in the hunter arena. She felt lucky to be able to buy him as a show partner and was blown away when she began to study his bloodlines and understand their implications.

  Gail describes Crown as her horse of a lifetime. Thanks to the stallion’s unique mix of awesome talent and lovely temperament, their ongoing odyssey has been filled with joy and excitement. The sheer fun of campaigning Crown has taken priority over marketing the stallion thus far, Gail admits. Now, the prospect of providing others with their own dream horse, through Crown’s offspring, adds a new chapter to what is already an incredible journey.

  “Crown Affair has put wings on dreams that I never imagined before I bought him,” concludes Gail. “I am thrilled to offer, through frozen semen, the chance for others to have their own horse of a lifetime.”

  Continuing Crown’s remarkably consistent track record of show ring success, Gail and Crown have won numerous Amateur Owner Hunter championships and top year-end awards. With professionals in the irons, Crown has sailed to blues and tri-colors in the 4’ Regular Working Hunter divisions. The new Hunter Derby format that demands scope, courage and style is custom made for Crown. As of mid 2010, he’d won two The Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derbies and finished champion and reserve in two other $10,000 Hunter Derbies. This stallion’s crowd-wowing performances stand out in this elite company.

  “He knows when it’s a special event and he rises to the occasion,” says World Champion Hunter Rider John French, Crown’s Derby pilot. “He’s a true showman,” adds Gail. “He loves to show off on an open field with big, beautiful jumps. His desire to perform is one of the reasons he has been so successful.”

  Seems the stallion saves his flash and showmanship for the show ring. At home, he’s all pet and no prima donna. “Some of my fondest memories have occurred away from the shows and out of the limelight,” Gail relays. “In lessons, he tries his best for me and is typically unflappable, no matter what might be asked of him.”

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

  An ideal image for the Wikipedia definition of “sporthorse” would be one of Holsteiner stallion Crown Affair. As a horse “bred for traditional Olympic equestrian sporting events of dressage, eventing and show jumping”, the striking bay, 16.3 hand stallion competed successfully in show jumping in Germany before being imported to the United States in 1999. He also excelled in eventing and dressage, previous to entering his eloquent hunter career. The steady stallion was one of the country’s most successful International Hunter Derby competitors, including a top ten finish in the International Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington, Kentucky during his last year in the show ring. In 2014, Crown Affair was accepted into the top studbook of the German Oldenburg Verband (GOV), and in 2015, he was accepted into the RPSI’s registry.

  Crown Affair’s multi-discipline success is unusual, but it doesn’t surprise followers of sporthorse breeding bloodlines and results. Crown Affair’s sire is Cor de la Bryere, one of the world’s top show jumping stallions and Crown Affair is one of the few direct Cor de la Bryere sons that are still alive. Cor de la Bryere was described by breeders as a “gift from heaven” and he has been especially successful in producing jumping horses as he passes on his incredible bascule, scope and jumping technique. In Germany, Cor de la Bryere has produced 57 approved stallions and 188 offspring that have jumped 1.40 or higher. Crown Affair’s athletic abilities, jumping form and correct conformation are mirror images of his sire, as are Crown’s easy going temperament, work ethic and desire to please. The American Holsteiner Horse Association approved stallion gets even more power and scope from his dam, Andante I. Her sire is Capitol, another of the most sought after jumping bloodlines in Europe, where sporthorse breeding is big business. Andante I produced the Prix St. George horse, Chamberlain (by Calypso I). Catalina del Pierre (by Calido I) jumped 1.40m with Gunter Treiber and La Capitol (by Lavall I) jumped the 1.40m with Christoph Gaillinger. Crown Affair’s grandmother Iris S (by Metellus) produced the 1.40m jumping horse Atlas (by Athlet Z) with Ulrich Trettenbacher and the Bayern approved stallion Alasco Bavaria (by Alasca). The Iris S branch also includes the 1.45m horse Sasu 7 (by Calido I) with Evi Bengtsson.

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